Every mile we drive adds up for children's Hospice

Partnership with Certas Charity Fuel Card in support of our chosen charity

Wednesday 29 March 2017

Imagine driving from Sheffield to Shanghai and back. That’s about 12,000 miles.

Then repeat the same round trip 31 times and you’ll have covered 370,000 miles, which is the distance travelled by ITI’s efficient vehicle fleet over the course of a year.

Whilst we maximise fuel economy when we travel to implement communications projects, utilising our newly acquired Ford Eco Blue vans in partnership with BT Fleet, we do need to put fuel in our vehicles.

So we’re teaming up with the Certas Charity Fuel Card. From April, 2.5 pence from every litre of fuel bought by ITI Network Services will be donated to our chosen charity, Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

Jason Denmark, ITI’s Managing Director, said “It’s a wonderful opportunity. We travel to clients across Europe, implementing wireless networks for many of the UK’s leading retailers, financial institutions, sports venues, rail networks and airports. Now we can generate donations to our chosen charity, Bluebell Wood, at the same time. Bluebell Wood do fantastic work and are a hugely deserving cause, supporting children with a shortened life expectancy. With our new and efficient fleet of vehicles in place, I’m happy to know that every mile we need to drive will make a difference for a child and their families.”


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