Case study: football fans charge up with Chargifi

How a football club reaped the rewards of installing Chargifi’s wireless charging technology

Friday 15 June 2018

ChargifiWireless networks to access the internet are ubiquitous in businesses, venues, and public spaces.

Now the public are demanding more: consumer uptake of smartphones and other devices using wireless charging means venues and destinations are expected to offer wireless charging points.

Places that offer ‘power to the people’ will be at an advantage over those that don’t.

That's why we're thrilled to bring Chargifi’s seamless wireless charging solution to our valued client base.

Recently, Chargifi installed their technology into a football stadium.

The Challenge: On match days, stadiums are alive with excited fans, ready to get close to the action. How could a stadium improve their VIP box experience and also enhance brand opportunities for the club and their sponsors?

The Opportunity: On match day, if you’re not careful, by the time you’ve finally found your friends in the stadium, taken a few photos, checked the scores of other games, your phone battery will be half gone.
Worrying about whether you have enough battery for the journey home really gets in the way of enjoying the day and engaging with the innovative fan experiences your favourite club have launched.

The Solution: Chargifi partnered with the club to deploy wireless charging spots in VIP areas and key brand sponsored spaces to keep football fans charged up for the match.

Not only are football fans saved from the stress of low battery but this solution offers up an additional opportunity for brands to engage with fans while their devices are charging.

The Business Benefits:

  1. Promising potential to add revenue opportunities through sponsored wireless charging.
  2. The VIP boxes and sponsored areas now offer enhanced fan interaction.
  3. Positive PR as the club is seen as innovative and fan-focused, driving fan loyalty and engagement.

What next?

  • More about how you can give cables the cut thanks to ITI's tie-up with Chargifi.
  • Please get in touch with ITI Network Services for more details about specifications, implementation and management of Chargifi. Contact Dave Walker: call +44 114 282 3301 or email


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