Mark revs up for kart comp

Mark revs up for kart comp

Friday 27 May 2016

Mark Glasby is one of ITI’s Senior Network engineers, working all over the country on cutting-edge wireless networking and communications technology for our clients. But Mark isn’t just a key member of ITI’s team – he’s also part of KartForce, a team of serving and ex-serving injured troops who race in karting events around the country and abroad. And in August he’ll take part in a British 24 hour endurance race.

Mark joined ITI in December 2013 after he left the Army
's Royal Corps of Signals. With compartment syndrome in both legs, Mark had realised his injuries were not going to get better but could be containable. He’d always loved sport, but thanks to the injury, “the days of cycling and running were over.” But whilst in rehab Mark came into contact with Dave Player, who set up KartForce (a national charity) to get injured troops into the exciting world of motorsport through karting. And he was hooked:

“Driving the karts you’re inches from the ground so when you hit 75 miles per hour you can really feel the speed,” says Mark. “We take it seriously, but we also do it for the camaraderie. A lot of the lads in KartForce have pretty significant injuries but on the track we’re racing on a totally level playing field against non-injured drivers – racing to win against the best of the best.”

The main KartForce season runs from April to October and Mark has been racing up to three times per month in 2015. Races take place all over the UK and in Europe. “We did a 12 hour endurance race in Majorca,” says Mark, “and we were in first place for about 9 hours until we suff
ered a puncture. But we still finished 6th out of over 20 teams - a great result. And last June we wiped the floor in the Lord Mayor’sof London Challenge. We’ve also taken part in a 24 hour race at Le Mans which was an incredible track to drive on.”

Mark’s even raced on behalf of ITI: “the form
er Formula 1 driver, Johnny Herbert, set up the JH Karting Challenge race, with all the proceeds going to KartForce. And last year ITI decided to enter. It was brilliant that the company got involved to support KartForce, because the charity does a huge amount and makes a massive difference for injured troops and ex-troops,” says Mark. "So I swapped my KartForce overalls and drove for ITI for the day.”

Mark’s back in the hotseat driving for KartForce and looking forward to the British 24 hour race in August. You can find out more about KartForce here  and about ITI’s support for the Armed Forces here.


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